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Frequently Asked Questions

Richmark Label’s version of FAQs, or Frequently Asked Questions, is a combination of common questions, answers to those questions, and notes of caution to the person in need of labels. The tips are the result of what we have heard from customers and seen ourselves throughout our 60 year history. These tips help level the playing field between the people selling labels and the people buying them. If these questions raise other questions or you just want more information, please call toll-free 800.456.8884 and ask for a sales representative.


FAQ: What’s the minimum number of labels I can buy?

You may order 1 label or 1,000,000 labels. Because we print both digital and flexographic labels, we can give you the most labels for the least amount of money. If you do not already have a sample packet that shows our capabilities and the quality of the labels we make, please call 800.456.8884 or e-mail us at info@richmarklabel.com and ask that one be sent by next day delivery.

Tip: When you receive our quote, look closely at the different price breaks.

The price per label drops dramatically for both digital and flexographic labels’ as the price break levels get higher. If you are not sure exactly how many labels you may use, it’s often best to estimate high. Even when customers do not use 100% of the labels ordered, they often use more than their initial conservative estimate. Customers don’t need to use every label to effectively lower the per label cost.


FAQ: What artwork does Richmark Label need to print my labels?

Click Submit Art and we’ll show you the very simple process of sending us art files. Anyone who does design work will be able to do this in seconds. Also, Richmark Label always has sales representatives available to answer questions. Call 800.456.8884, immediately, or e-mail questions you’d like to talk about when e-mailing a quote request.

Tip: There is no such thing as “free” prepress art preparation.

Beware of quotes that do not show prepress art preparation as a separate charge. Prepress preparation is only required the first time you buy a label. If this cost is not shown separately on a quote, it’s likely that you’ll be needlessly charged for it every time you order. Some of our customers ask that we include prepress preparation so that they receive one single number for what they want to buy. When we do this, we also indicate that REORDERS WILL ALWAYS COST LESS. This is important when comparing our quotes to those that keep this fact hidden.

Labels that meet expectations

FAQ: Will my labels look like they do on my computer screen?

No. They will look much better. Colors on a screen are translucent and somewhat washed out. Our inks and the materials we print on combine to give a label a powerful visual impact. If you do not already have samples of our work, please call 800.456.8884 or e-mail us, and a sample packet will be sent by a next day delivery service.

Tip: Before we print any label for the first time, we send customers a proof.

We want customers to verify that we are printing exactly what they are expecting. We also want to give customers an opportunity to make last-minute changes.

Best Tip:

Call us. After taking care of customers for more than 60 years, we know that talking to our sales representatives is the best way to get all questions asked and answered. Talking to you gives us the opportunity to use our years of experience and accumulated knowledge to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Call us at 800.456.8884