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Label Shapes & Sizes


Richmark Label’s unique die-finder allows customers to choose from more than 1000 available rectangular shapes.

rect1_guideIf labels will be automatically applied, the way in which labels come off a roll matters.  A label’s WIDTH is always the dimension that runs across the roll of labels, from one edge of the liner to the other.  A label’s LENGTH is always the dimension that runs from one label to the next as the labels unwind from a roll.

Enter in the boxes below the width and length of a rectangle that meets your needs.  Use decimals (example: .25) rather than fractions (example: 1/4).  The search results will indicate if we have the exact dimensions requested and show all of the dies available that have similar dimensions.

If we do not have a die that meets your precise need, it can be quickly and inexpensively custom made for you.



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