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How does having customers in all 50 states benefit you?

Richmark in all 50 statesOur ability to take care of customers in every part of the country is the assurance people want when they are looking for a supplier they can trust. People want and need to do what’s in the best interest of their companies. Better service, quality and price make us valuable to any company, no matter where it is located. By providing information, technical support, quotes, proofs, and labels quickly to our customers, we become a useful tool for companies that operate in time-sensitive environments.

For people who need labels ASAP

The Richmark Label web site is full of valuable information and is easy to navigate. But, when your need is immediate, we recommend that you call Richmark Label toll-free at 800.456.8884 between 6:30 AM and 5:00PM PST and talk to a sales representative. All of the information in our web site can also be obtained by talking to one of our sales representatives. If you’re reading this after hours, call now, anyway, and leave a message and the time you’d like your call to be returned. For more than 60 years customers in every state have used Richmark Label because we give people the most labels for the least amount of money – quickly.


Samples illustrating our capabilities and quality are sent by overnight messenger the day we are contacted.  Samples of materials that are not included in the sample packet are available upon request.

Digital or

Flexographic Labels?

The digital and flexographic printing processes both make high quality labels – but make them very differently. The choice of printing methods is based on a number of factors; the total size (lineal run length) of the order, the number and quantity of different labels within the order, the number of printing plates that would be needed, the number of plate and ink changes that would be needed, and finally, the label’s design.

Currently, digitally printed labels (some people still call labels stickers) are the new “big thing” in custom printed labels. The information that is reaching the public, as is usually the case when new technology is being promoted, doesn’t provide everything needed to make an informed choice between the two printing processes. As you read above, there are many variables that must be considered.

Richmark Label has a substantial number of both flexographic and digital presses. We also have our own dual track estimating computer program that allows us to match a customer’s needs to the correct printing process. Because we do have both types of presses, there is no conflict between what is in our customers’ best interests and our own.

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