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About Us

Richmark Label is a 60-year-old company
run by its founding family
serving customers in all 50 states.

Most questions asked by potential customers are about our print capabilities, service issues, delivery speed, and pricing. Because, the majority of the people asking these questions have not done business with us, we also respond to the question virtually no one asks: Can I trust you to do what you say you can do?

We know that people want to do what’s in the best interest of their companies and that whenever possible they want to make decisions based on more than a salesperson’s vague promises. These are some facts that, we believe, make the decision to trust Richmark Label an easy one to make.

  • Richmark Label has been providing customers with labels that meet their needs for more than 60 years.
  • Only two people, both from the founding family, have owned and operated Richmark Label. The management of this company has six decades of experience making labels and of taking care of customers’ needs. Few companies can claim a similar dedication by the their company’s management.
  • Richmark Label has customers in all 50 states because we have given our customers what they want when they want it no matter where they are located.

Both our digital and flexographic label samples demonstrate that our capabilities and quality will meet any customers’ requirements. We have 10 flexographic presses with 10-color capacity, and 2 digital presses. We print labels 20 hours per day. This combination of a great many presses and long workdays allows us the flexibility to routinely handle even the most extreme requests. No order need be delayed because a press is “down” or because we are “backed-up” waiting for a particular press to be available.

We serve companies that order millions of labels and companies that order a thousand labels one or two times per year. What we won’t do is take on a customer that is so large that it affects our promises to every other customer.

The people our customers talk to are our sales representatives. They are trained to help people get the correct labels for their applications and to treat people as they would like to be treated. Richmark Label also provides its sales representatives with private toll-free numbers and e-mail addresses that are only given to their customers. Finally, we have technical support in every area of label production that salespeople can use to ensure their customers get exactly what they need when they need it.