About us

Over the last 48 years, I’ve written more than a dozen versions of our company history – first for our catalogs, and now for our web site. Each time I write one, I ask myself “Will prospective customers read this?”

My father, who ran Richmark Label for the first 22 of our 70 years, never wrote an “About Us” page, and I don’t remember him ever saying that our company would have been more successful if he had.

I also can’t remember a single customer asking to look at a picture of our building, wanting to see what our presses look like, or being curious about the faces of the people that take care of their every request and need.

There are, however, four concerns that people have had, past and present, that really do matter to them.

The short answer to all of these questions, of course, is “yes.” No company could thrive for 70 years if it didn’t give customers what they wanted, when they wanted it – luck and good fortune don’t last seven decades. In fact, there are only a handful of label manufacturers in this country that have done what we have done for as long as we have done it.

(If you want longer answers to these questions, read on below.)

For decades, about a third of our customers have come to us as referrals from people whose needs we’ve already met. There is no stronger selling point than a word-of-mouth testimonial.

The other two-thirds come from our outreach to one prospective customer at a time. This approach is tougher, but it’s the only way we can demonstrate to people what our company is like as a partner. Richmark Label has maintained customers in all 50 states precisely because of how we take care of people.

I hope you’ll let us take care of your label printing needs.


Bill Donner

The Long Answers

Can we print any label you design?

Yes. We offer both digital and flexographic printed labels. Our flexographic presses have 10-color capability. The combination of available printing methods and colors makes it possible for us to print anything our customers need.

Do we do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it?

We print labels 20 hours per day on a significant number of presses. This combination of multiple presses and long workdays ensures very short lead times and eliminates the chance that your order will get “stuck” behind that of another customer. If one of our presses goes down, there are plenty more to handle the workload.

Do we deliver labels to meet your needs, rather than our own?

Most of our customers make consumable products, and most of their customers don’t purchase those products with any predictability. That means we must print and deliver labels, frequently, on very short notice. No company can thrive, as we have, for 70 years, and not give its customers what they need when they need it. Our longevity is your assurance that we will meet your needs.

Will our prices also meet your needs?

Because we offer both digital and flexographic printing, we can use the most efficient option available to save you money. We also practice transparency in our pricing, so you never have to pay hidden or unnecessary fees. Our ability to provide cost-saving options is one important reason our customers come back year after year.

Can I see samples of your work?

Yes! To request a sample packet that shows our capabilities and the quality of our work, please call (800) 456-8884 or e-mail [email protected]. We’ll send you samples by next day delivery.

What artwork does Richmark Label need to print my labels?

We can accept native Adobe files (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) and native or press-quality PDF files. Be sure to include all fonts.

Click Submit Art and we’ll show you how easy it is to send us art files. Anyone who does design work can do it in seconds. Also, Richmark Label always has sales representatives available to answer questions. Call (800) 456-8884 or e-mail us.

Will my labels look like they do on my computer screen?

No – they will look much better! Colors on a screen are translucent and somewhat washed out. Our inks and the materials we print on combine to give a label a powerful visual impact.

For spot colors, we use the industry-standard Pantone Matching System. When art files call out PMS colors, the printed labels will match the PMS colors specified. Don’t be concerned that the PMS colors specified can’t always be duplicated on our digital PDF proofs. Different computer screens can produce slightly different colors – but your final printed labels will look exactly like they should.

How will I know my labels look great?

Pro tip: Before printing any label for the first time, ask for proof. We’d be happy to send you one. We want our customers to verify that we’re printing exactly what they are expecting. We also want to give them an opportunity to make last-minute changes so they love their labels.

Can you design my label?

Sorry, design work isn’t a service we offer. But we do work with customers and the designers they employ to provide ideas for materials and visual effects that will add to a label’s appeal. And our prepress staff can make small, last-minute changes to a label’s copy and graphics upon request.

About Our Building

We are located on the corner of 11th Ave. and East Pine Street in Seattle’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood. The outside of the building is painted with an incredible mural by Urban Artworks a Seattle public arts nonprofit organization that empowers young people and transforms communities. Find out more about the good work Urban Artworks is doing.