Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum order size?

You can order 1 label or millions of labels. Because we offer a choice of printing methods (digital or flexographic), we are always able to give you the most labels for the least amount of money. Small and medium-sized orders are most often run digitally. Larger orders will usually be more economically printed flexographically. These and other cost savings options are important reasons customers come back year after year.

What determines the cost of labels?

The number of labels ordered is, by far, the most significant factor in determining their cost. When we prepare your quotation, we always show the price per thousand labels for several quantity price brackets. The more labels purchased, the lower the price per thousand labels. Important: If you believe you will need more labels relatively soon, please look at the tremendous savings when ordering more labels in higher quantity brackets.

Are there hidden charges not shown on price quotes?

A Richmark Label price quote itemizes every cost. It’s not uncommon for many label manufacturers to hide artwork prepress preparation inside the cost of the labels. Pro tip: There is no such thing as “free” prepress art preparation. Prepress art preparation must be done the first time a label is printed. If it’s not itemized separately, there’s a good chance this cost will not be removed from the price of the labels when you reorder.

Can I see samples of your work?

As soon as you contact us, you will automatically and immediately receive samples of our work. From these samples, you’ll see that we do extremely high-quality work, and can print anything you design. A label’s initial visual impact at the point of sale is critical.

What artwork does Richmark Label need to print my labels?

We can accept native Adobe files (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop – but Illustrator is preferred) and native or press-quality PDF files. Be sure to include all fonts.
Click Submit Art and we’ll show you how easy it is to send us art files. Anyone who does design work can do it in seconds. Also, Richmark Label always has sales representatives available to answer questions. Call (206) 322-8884 or e-mail us.

Will my labels look like they do on my computer screen?

No – they will look much better! Colors on a screen are translucent and somewhat washed out. Our inks and the materials we print on combine to give a label a powerful visual impact.

For spot colors, we use the industry-standard Pantone Matching System. When art files call out PMS colors, the printed labels will match the PMS colors specified. Don’t be concerned that the PMS colors specified can’t always be duplicated on our digital PDF proofs. Different computer screens can produce slightly different colors – but your final printed labels will look exactly like they should.

How do I know my labels will meet my expectations?

The first time any label is ordered, we automatically send a PDF proof for your inspection. PMS spot colors are not accurate on a computer screen, but if your artwork specifies PMS colors, they will appear correctly on your labels. Process colors on PDF proofs are more accurate, but the colors on a screen are translucent (a little washed out), so your printed labels will look better than the PDF proof shows. Though rarely requested, hard copies of proofs are inexpensive and can be provided.

Can you design my label?

Richmark Label does not do original label design work. However, we do work closely, upon request, with the people who design our customers’ labels. There are often questions about materials with special qualities and about special inks and finishes that we can provide which will enhance the look of any label. Also, we frequently answer questions or make suggestions regarding materials, special effects, foils, and inks that will enhance the look of any label.